Restorative and Preventative

Holistic care to help you achieve wellness

Achieve Wellness was created for YOU.  We understand that your health plays a critical role in achieving your purpose, and we also believe the body wants to be well.  Our focus at Achieve Wellness is focused on helping you to achieve your health and wellness goals.  Our number one priority is educating and empowering you with the tools, support, and services you need to be well.

Diagnostics For Individuals & Families

Non-Invasive Testing

Before starting treatment, Achieve Wellness performs full spinal and stress diagnostics to determine the state of your spine and the surrounding muscles. These diagnostics come at no extra cost.

Digital X-Ray

On-site digital x-ray to determine spinal health.

Surface EMG

Allows us to test muscle balance.

Heart Rate Variability

Non-invasive technology to measure how well you are adapting and handling stress.


Allows us to measure nerve system balance.

Each patient has a custom treatment plan based on the test results followed by regular maintenance visits to maintain optimal spinal health.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Safe, effective spinal care for all ages.

Whole Body Vibration

On-site vibration machines to boost muscle strength and increase blood circulation.

Spinal and Functional Rehab

Custom treatment plans to restore optimal health.

Posture Correction

Targeted adjustments to establish proper spinal alignment.

Chiropractic Care For All Ages

Maintain Spinal Health

Wellness Nutritional and Lifestyle

Education and Consulting

The Achieve Wellness team is passionate about your health and serves as a resource for your nutrition and wellness goals.

Nutritional and Fitness Programs

Health challenges and fitness programs to jump-start your nutrition.

Nutritional Supplements

Organic supplements to maintain health.

Educational Programs

Local educational events to propel your health goals.

Lifestyle Education

Custom consulting that address your personal health concerns.

Move from Reactive to Restorative Healthcare

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