Your Best Bet…

Navigating Healthcare can be frustrating.  I get it.  As a doctor, dad, and husband I deal with many of the same health questions and concerns you do.  I think one of the most frustrating issues is “who should I trust”?

Well, let me start with who / what I do not trust….

  1. I don’t trust pharmaceutical companies.
  2. I don’t trust the CDC
  3. I don’t trust the FDA
  4. I don’t trust the NIH
  5. I don’t trust most of the government
  6. I don’t trust the media
  7. I don’t trust insurance companies

The list could be much longer, but this is a good start.  And the implications of this list are significant since they attempt to influence our lives and health in both passive and active ways.

So, when it comes to my health for myself and my family,  who do I trust?

I trust FIRST and FOREMOST in the POWER that CREATED and SUSTAINS my body.  I trust in that power that is beating my heart right now (and when I sleep). The power that is rebuilding millions of cells as I type this.  The power that is turning last nights dinner into today’s new body.

I know for some reading this, it may seem “weird” or “religious” but to me it is actually my BEST BET.  When I sorted thru all the “science” this is my best bet.

My body is designed to heal.  (That is simply a scientific, logical and self evident fact.)

I have more “faith” in honoring and working with my body and allowing it to heal on it’s own than I do some man-made chemical marketed or mandated to me.  It just doesn’t make sense to me, know matter how much the above stated powers try to convince me or market to me.

Does this mean I will live forever?  Never get sick? etc…of course not, it simply means I am not participating in the medical model of care.  I have that choice.  I believe it is by FAR the best choice.  I believe if people truly knew how much they are being deceived they would also reconsider many of the choices they make.

It is never fun to realize you have been lied to (or manipulated, or mislead) but it is powerful when you take control of your life and health instead of handing it over to others that do not have your best interest in mind, regardless of what “they” say.

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