Are We Allowed to ask Questions Anymore?

So many topics, especially in healthcare have become so polarizing that to even bring up a topic emotions start to boil.  Here are just a few….

*vaccines / not vaccinate

*medical care for kids (chemo / medical kidnapping)

*mental health

*opioid use / abuse

*maternity and infant care

Now, I am very comfortable having these conversations and I often am on the “less popular” side.  That is no problem for me, but I know it prevents many people from feeling comfortable going against status quo.  This is typically how revolution happens.

I want to discuss the way we “treat” mental health.  I am sure this post will generate backlash, I am ok with that.  There is likely not one person reading this that has not personally struggled, or at least have a friend or family member that has struggled.   There is more depression, suicide, anxiety, and PTSD and others diagnosis than ever before in human history.

There are a couple primary concerns.  First, the main concern is that we have so many people struggling in this area and no one really asks WHY!  Instead, we spend almost all the time primarily “treating” the symptoms with drugs.

This is where people start to get mad.

Listen, I am not debating AT ALL that people are struggling.   However, I am MORE THAN HAPPY to debate of the problem is a deficiency in Rx DRUGS.  This is so critical.  However, we have been brainwashed that it is not OK to question that approach and that I am rude for even suggesting we discuss it.  (however, please know there are people WAY smarter than me that are blowing the whistle on this Rx approach)

Listen, I have had several family members struggle, and even attempt suicide.  I am not being insensitive, but we need to be asking better questions.

Let me use an example.  If was tired because I am not sleeping, eating poorly, and stressed out , so I snort a line of cocaine, I don’t think ANYONE would suggest that I just cured “tiredness”  Actually, I think you would all say that is ridiculous.

“But it helped me feel better”!!  How dare you tell me its “wrong”. I can do whatever I want.  The problem is, what if I WAS TOLD by companies how GREAT COCAINE is and that it was the BEST and only way to “treat” tiredness.

This is about where we sit.  We need a new narrative.  A new story.  A new paradigm.

Depression is real.  PTSD is real.  Anxiety is real.  Suicide is real.

However, the solution is NOT drugs.  We must explore and travel different roads.  I understand the desire to help and find ways to ease the suffering, but this has lead us down a dangerous path.  It has not lived up to it’s promises.

Again, I am sure this post will offend some.  It is not my intention at all.  My desire is to get us to consider a different approach.  A different model.   A different treatment.

We can not drug ourselves to health.  Can’t drink yourself sober.  It is going to require new way of thinking, but it all starts with being willing to ask different questions.

Someone reading this may ask “well, what do you suggest I do than?”

Now that is a GREAT FIRST QUESTION.  How do I get to the ROOT of the PROBLEM.

to be continued….


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