Unmet Expectations in Healthcare

When someone promises you something and they fail to deliver on that promise, we often get angry or frustrated.  Healthcare is a current example of this.  The “story” they have told us for decades (loaded with false promises) has created a significant frustration amongst millions of people.  The costs, risks, poor outcomes and empty promises are now commonplace.

What can be done?  What can you do?

First, I always remind myself and others that ask me, that THEY are in charge of their health.  They do not have to follow the suggestions of any doctor if they do not want to.  For me personally, the current medical model’s approach does not make sense to me or my family thus we choose not to participate in their suggestions.  We say no to drugs, we say no to invasive testing, we say no the the approach of treating disease and instead focus on adding health and working with the body.

Some may say this is risky.  I disagree.  The results of the medical model are dismal at best.  They have simply proven to add more drugs, more costs, more labels, more procedures and no end in sight.

No thank you.

I would hope you would be encouraged and empowered to take control of your health and healthcare decisions and not hand them off to anyone.  Get educated (marketing does not count)  Learn about lifestyle and its relationship to disease.  Learn about natural approaches to health and healing.  Find a natural doctor to help you.

There is another way.  It is ok to go down a different path.  There is freedom there.

The healthcare model of FEAR is crumbling.  People are sick of the lies, greed and empty promises and poor results.  They are seeing thru the marketing.

It is a new day.  Welcome.

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